Pet Rehabilitation Center
Additional Rehab Information
Johnson Ranch Pet Rehabilitation Center was designed to offer state of the art therapy to pets in need. Our facility is equipped with laser therapy, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, dry treadmill, underwater treadmill, a cavaletti rail course and various size balance balls. We structure each therapy session to achieve maximum results to each individual patient. The center has a very mellow, calming atmosphere with a soothing ocean theme. We know that both our patients and their human companions enjoy coming to therapy.



Our center services pets post-operatively from orthopedic and neurologic surgeries, arthritic and geriatric patients, canine conditioning, weight loss, neurologic issues and assists in overall well-being.


Therapeutic Laser –


Laser therapy offers a multitude of healing properties. It is used to promote wound healing, reduce swelling and edema, decrease pain and stimulate nerve function.


Electrical Stimulation-


E-stim accelerates tissue healing, strengthens muscles and aids in nerve regeneration.


Therapeutic Ultrasound-


The ultrasound helps to relax muscles, provide comfort, decrease stiffness and increase flexibility. The ultrasound delivers deep penetrating heat into painful and tender tissue.


Underwater Treadmill-


The underwater treadmill provides buoyancy, decreases weight to joint, reduces swelling and edema and allows for a more comfortable exercise session.